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December 20, 2019

Leading up the mountain



Are you hungry to lead your team into the new decade?

You’ve seen people like this…. they have a warm demeanour and are brimming with certainty and conviction. They know where they are going. They make it seem easy and effortless… Everyone wants to work under this type of person. There is something special about them – an aura. It’s magnetic. Whether they belong to the C-Suite or manage a small local team – they all have that one common trait – they are great leaders. But what has made them a great manager and leader?

Do you work in management? Or maybe you aspire to be promoted into a managerial position? You might feel you are just not quite ready for the responsibility or that you are coming up short in some of the necessary skills? In this article we discuss the skills great leaders have and how they use them – not only to survive in the 2020 ICT scene, but to thrive. If you do feel like you need more preparation to take on a leadership role; the start of a new year is a great time to look at upskilling – you can be a great leader; with some support and direction – and a commitment to yourself to acquire the necessary skills. Check out your training options with ICT Skillnet

In the meantime, let’s kick off with the important skill of leadership.


Leadership in ICT

Good leadership skills are paramount to a successful career. This is obviously true no matter what role you work in as we all need to work through other people to deliver results. But what is leadership and how do we acquire this skill? Although there might have been mention of great leadership in history lessons, the skills weren’t really thought traditionally in secondary level education, were they? Despite how important it is… formal education has generally been lacking when it comes to this core soft skill.

Why Leadership?

There is often a strong correlation between great leadership and positive business growth. Motivating the team, relationship building, showing strong work ethic, ensuring the team reaches their business objectives and of course – leading by example – are some of the tenants of leadership skills that result in a more successful organisation.

In order to become a leader, you will also need to learn how to adapt. This leads onto the next important skill of…


Innovation in ICT

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

Innovation is vital again when it comes to succeeding in a leadership role. The world is changing very fast and the ability to maintain competitiveness is integral to the success of an organisation in 2020 and beyond. If you are not adaptive and responsive to the current trends and reality…. It’s inevitable that sooner rather than later you may lose ground on your competitors.

It’s often said that leaders are readers. By constantly upskilling – they maintain and sharpen the saw of their craft.

Typically, in the world of ICT – you must be adept with the latest technologies. This takes us onto the next fundamental component.


Technology in ICT

Naturally if you are working in ICT – you will have to have a solid grasp of all the latest tools and technologies at your disposal. By acknowledging and embracing the constant and ever-increasing evolution of tech, it’s important to innovate and use what’s at your disposal. Strategic management of technology and being up to date with industry best practice is vital.

Up to now we’ve just scratched the surface of what makes a great leader and what it takes to be a leader today. Fortunately, if you are serious about upskilling and being the best manager that you can be in ICT… we have something that will help take you to the next level.


Leaders Learn – Introducing the MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Technology


This course has been specifically designed to help you climb the ladder in ICT and make the most out of your leadership position. This Level 9 Masters Degree has been developed and created by the TU Dublin (City Campus) in partnership with Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet. It’s run as a part-time course over 2 years – it‘s manager training that is highly practical and the learnings will be applicable in the workplace.


What are the benefits of the course?

  • Blended learning. Delivered part-time over 2 years with mostly online streaming – this gives you flexibility and freedom to take the course.
  • Diversity in learning techniques – with face-to-face and online workshops – this is a fun and varied way to learn and absorb the information.
  • Applied Research Project – you put into practice what you learn. Practical learning means you remember what you did and more importantly you can apply it.
  • No exams but continuous assessments which gives a practical learning experience.
  • Real and relevant skills covered – you become immersed in current management practice and leave the course a better manager – not just on paper.
  • Level 9 Master’s Degree – A great addition to your CV that will boost your credibility as a potential manager greatly.

By Upskilling – you are showing the world that you take your career and professional life very seriously. The MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Technology is strategically and meticulously designed to give you the edge as a Manager.

From covering the latest principles in innovation management with principles like The Goffin and Mitchell Pentathlon Framework (Strategy, Organisation, Idea Generation, Prioritisation and Implementation) to the strategy tools for competitive positioning  to problem solving & critical thinking…. the course is set up to develop and master your managerial and leadership skills.


Great managers do not happen by accident. They too had to invest and spend time to develop and refine their skills. Will you make the leap?


If you would like any further information about the course – please get in contact with us.

Learn more here MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Technology

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