Upcoming Training Programmes

Iasa Foundation Course for All Business Technology Architects


This in person course will prepare you to deal with the most difficult aspects of architecture practice. It is not simply foundational it is Core! Even very senior architects have benefited from the well researched and proven techniques that have gone into connecting and using these critical elements.

Digital Transformation Consultant – 5 Day – 2023


Overview: This course is designed to help technologists or business professionals become senior trusted advisors to the C-Suite. The 5-Day programme covers the key frameworks, models and case studies to…

ICT Skillnet CISCO Networking Academy


FREE self-paced online CISCO Networking Academy courses in programming, cybersecurity, networking and more

NIST Cyber Security Expert course (NCSE) & Certified Cyber Risk Specialist course (CCRS)


These courses are non-technical in approach and supports students on a 90 days journey. You are provided with 24/7 access to all materials and are also supported with access to live learning support sessions. Successful certification is via continual assessments with weekly online exams.

DORA Certified Compliance Specialist


  Learn how you can comply with DORA by becoming a DCCS – DORA Certified Compliance Specialist. Our on-demand course incorporates online exams and is supported with access to live…

IBM SkillsBuild


Gain foundational skills to help you prepare for an entry-level job in tech, while earning credentials and getting guidance from technology experts. All at no cost.



What is DataCamp? DataCamp is an interactive online learning platform. Skill up at scale. Data training designed for your business. Join 2,500+ companies and 80% of the Fortune 1000 who…

Certificate in Emerging Digital Technologies – NCI


This programme is targeted at non-computing professionals who wish to understand the latest emerging digital technologies and how to integrate them into their workplace

Agile Sprints for Strategic Growth


Overview The Agile Sprints for Strategic Growth programme is designed to be run alongside your normal business operations. It is aligned to your risk appetite with a heavy emphasis on…

CPD Certificate in Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


This programme has been designed as an introduction to the Foundations of AI. It is specifically targeted at those with an interest in and aptitude for transitioning into the AI disciplines but who do not necessarily have a background in AI or a related area.

Previous Training Programmes

Previous Training Programmes