Blended Learning
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The programme consists of four tutor-led workshops across the course of three months with additional online learning activities and materials.


This programme aims to build a pool of mentor facilitators who can support and guide individuals wishing to pursue third level education through measuring and gaining academic value for the prior learning and experience.

Many employees have very successful working careers without a third level academic qualification behind them. This may not hinder either their ability to perform at work or their career development.  However, for some this is most certainly not the case and the lack of that ‘little piece of paper’ is a missed opportunity. In order to gain entry to college courses these employees must demonstrate to the college that they have sufficient RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). This process can be daunting to someone without any experience in the area.

During this course you will:

  • Undertake a 3 month part-time blended learning programme
  • Learn about RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), the relevant policies, systems and procedures and how to navigate them;
  • Gain mentoring and facilitation skills;
  • Learn how to critique an RPL submission for a candidate
  • Have access to additional online learning activities and materials.

Benefits for you and your company

  • A QQI Level 7 Special Purpose Award (15 ECTS)
  • Become qualified to mentor and facilitate someone wishing to make an RPL submission to an academic institution.
  • Gain a broad understanding of typical RPL processes within academic institutions and be able to help others navigate these to ensure prior experience and learning is recognised.
  • In-house skills and requisite knowledge to effectively mentor, motivate, facilitate and navigate a complex system to help your employees to upskill.
  • Ability to retain valuable employees and offer them upskilling opportunities previously inaccessible to them.
  • Future-proofing by building a pipeline of qualified employees.

Aimed at:

  • Those working in HR, L&D, Career Guidance, Life Coaches or Managers of teams
  • Those whose current work involves Staff Development and Training, Work based Learning or Managing Staff ‘Reward and Retention’ Systems
  • Strong communicators wanting to develop their mentoring and facilitation skills
  • Those interested in enabling others access to lifelong learning opportunities
  • Those motivated by the idea of helping others reach their potential
  • Existing RPL practitioners or those interested in RPL


Grant aided fees are available to those working in private or commercial semi-state organisations in Republic of Ireland.