7 sessions (14 weeks)
Grant Aided Fee:
€1499 per person
Course code:
Blended Learning: Recorded Lectures and Video Tutorials

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Full Course fee – €2,000
Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet grant – €501
Student Cost – €1,499

Candidates will be eligible for part-funded fees providing they are working in private or commercial semi state organisations registered in the Republic of Ireland. Candidates not eligible for part funded fees, can pay the full course fee by registering with ICHEC.


Quantum computing is anticipated by many to have a big impact on innovation and businesses at a global level.  In Europe alone, the European Commission, in collaboration with enterprises and research organisations is investing over €1 billion to develop quantum computing technologies, quantum computing applications and to grow a solid industrial base as part of its policy to shape Europe’s digital future.

Why Study This Course?

Quantum computing is seen as the next disruption in the world of computing and information processing. It will affect several sectors. Public and private, including financial services, engineering and manufacturing, ICT, material sciences, pharmaceuticals, logistics and transport, environmental security, research organisations, public agencies, and Governments.

Provides business skills in quantum computing are essential for enterprises to seize the opportunity, innovate and reap the early-adopter advantage of this disruptive technology. To realise this ambition, it is essential to develop a skilled workforce capable of developing hybrid classical-quantum computing applications and solutions, and attract talent to Ireland and its industry.

Designed in a flexible modular format, the course is delivered in a blended mechanism to facilitate learning anywhere, anytime. For technical managers, this course presents the capabilities of quantum computing and its potential impact in the short- and medium-terms and beyond.  It will ensure that you are informed of the latest trends and technologies in quantum computing to equip you to take advantage of the opportunities that quantum computing represents.

Industry Led

This pathways for Technical Managers was designed by an industry advisory board. This board composed of Irish indigenous and global organisations across various sectors (financial services, engineering, aerospace, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, quantum technologies, IT solutions, services and consulting). This ensures recognition and relevance across sectors and disciplines.

Learning Outcomes

The Quantum Programming Certification Pathways for Technical Managers will introduce practical skills including a landscape of quantum computing systems, algorithms, tools, and applications. Technical Managers will be equipped to assess technology evolution, define use-cases, and create a roadmap for the necessary technical and skills development activities required for your organisations.

How to apply

There are no prerequisites for applications. If you would like to apply please select ‘Make an Enquiry‘.