5 days
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€2,000 per person
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This course will be held in person.

This course provides an end-to-end exploration of modern architecture techniques that will leave the student with a solid understanding of the foundational concepts of architecture


This course will prepare you to deal with the most difficult aspects of architecture practice. It is not simply foundational it is Core! Even very senior architects have benefited from the well researched and proven techniques that have gone into connecting and using these critical elements. Great architects are founded in three major areas: Business, Stakeholders and Technology Design/Delivery.

1.Dealing with Business Concepts – This set of competencies deals with understanding how business works and how it impacts architecture. These concepts include Business Models, Customer Journeys with Personas, Capabilities with Objectives, Value Methods, Investment Planning with some Roadmapping.

2.Technology Design and Delivery – Technology depth, breadth and design are critical to architecture success. At a minimum an architect should be able to handle Design including Patterns, the primary Requirements/Decisions/Quality Attributes relationships, Architecture Analysis, Deliverables, Products/Projects, Services, and Quality Assurance. Again the assumption is working knowledge including having written and supported some aspects of each in a production like environment.

3.Dealing with Stakeholders – often overlooked, always under-trained, and never enough time or techniques, dealing with stakeholders is the hardest part of the job. Humans are mercurial, the lines of decision traceability and influence are blurred, it is effectively chaos in the lifecycle management of companies with lots of petty power plays and even more in terms of financing and final outcomes. But at a minimum, Stakeholder, Employee Culture and Mindset, Engagement Models with Deliverables and Engagement Touchpoints and then a number of competencies tied to those.

Who Should Study This Course?

Iasa’s basic course is aimed at anyone who wants to become involved in architectural work. You should have basic knowledge and experience of system development. You work as a developer, project manager, information model or process developer.


The grant aided fee will be €2,000 per person / €2,500 without grant aid.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates will be eligible for part-funded fees providing they are working in private or commercial semi state organisations registered in the Republic of Ireland.

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