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1 Semester (12 weeks)
Online Part-time with NCI
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Chapter timestamps:

00:01 Intro Gillian O’Grady & Victor del Rosal  –  01:36 Course content & topic overview  –  07:43 Course Objectives  –  10:10 Learning Outcomes
11:01 Learning approach (How you will learn)  –  16:20 Who is the course for?  –  17:51 Assignments/Assessment  –  20:22 Benefits & Expectations
22:52 Housekeeping/Student Requirements  –  23:54 Victor closeout (Future benefits)  –  27:30 Students Experience (John O’Shanahan, Lean BPI)
32:50 How to apply & part funding  –  33:47 Q&A Student questions answered


The last couple of years have seen a rapid acceptance of technology as a key enabler for businesses to survive and scale. The challenge faced by the majority of decision-makers is attempting to understand which of the technologies will beneficially impact their business and deliver value to their bottom line.

  • Are you unsure and hesitant about investing in technology?
  • Would insights and help in understanding those technologies be of interest to you?
  • Do you want to avoid losing competitive advantage or being slow to adjust to the new business world post Covid?

You are not alone, the opportunity now exists to prepare for the future.

Why study this programme?

To remain competitive and take advantage of market opportunities, professionals, managers, and decision-makers can gain a deeper knowledge of newly appearing technologies and how they can be applied in their business models.

This online Certificate in Digital Emerging Technologies will give you a better understanding of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity amongst others,  to empower you to make better business decisions while adding new knowledge to your individual learning portfolio.

The course is taught over one semester and is delivered completely online through both synchronous and asynchronous directed activities using state-of-the-art technologies and teaching techniques to support the virtual classroom. Asynchronous directed activities consist of short videos, recommended reading and tutorial exercises. Students are expected to engage with this content each week before their live class to build an understanding and to prompt questions.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Apply?

1- A minimum of a Level 6 qualification on the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) is required for standard entry.

For candidates who do not meet this minimum entry requirement, the college operates a Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) scheme whereby applicants may be considered based on relevant work or other experiences.

For applicants whose first language is not English, please note the English language entry requirements.

2- Applicants must be working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland(Business, Consultant, Freelancer) to avail of the grant-aided fees. As a government-funded training network, we can only support those meeting these criteria.

What is the class schedule?

The course is fully online and runs for 1 semester (12 weeks).
Live online lectures will be scheduled for 4 hours per week (2 x 2-hour classes)
2 hours of self-paced directed e-Learning consisting of short videos recommended reading, and tutorial exercises (non-scheduled).

What Are The Course Fees?

Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will be eligible for the grant-aided fee of €1299 per person. (Full cost for non-eligible €1,700)

Where Can I Learn More?

FAQ or “Further Information” HERE

Info Webinar HERE  Watch our info webinar to learn about the course in detail.

Brochure HERE or located at the top of this page “Download Brochure”.

NCI course page HERE Includes module descriptors

How to apply

Simply select “Submit CV” and complete the short form, please ensure to note your current employer and current highest NFQ Level.

Successful applicants will be then directed to NCI to begin their official college application.

Please note: NCI is the final arbitrator of who is accepted on the programme.


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