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Each of these workshops is fully funded for eligible companies*
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* These workshops are open to those working in private and commercial semi-state businesses in the Republic of Ireland.

AI stands to change almost every industry over the coming 5 years

Leaders, Managers, Decision Makers need to know how to navigate the Digital Transformation landscape

Digital Transformation is not a technology question- It is a leadership question


This programme is designed to help business leaders, managers and decision makers.  You will learn the key questions that need to be answered when it comes to digital transformation.  The programme will teach you how to leverage emerging technology (with a focus on AI) in order to build sustaining competitive advantage in the digital economy. 

The programme is made up of 3 Workshops and starts with Workshop 1 by helping you to understand where you are now in the digital economy using the world’s most advanced digital maturity assessment tool.  The process will take 60 seconds.  The discussions it will produce will impact your business for many weeks after. 

Did you know that 70% of businesses fail to successfully digitally transform?  Don’t be one of those!  Make sure you  leverage this great opportunity to start your journey on the right path to build and digitally transform your business.

Contact us today and read our recent article in the Irish Independent Digital Transformation Supplement

Presenter: Prof. Niall McKeown

CEO of Ionology and creator of several of the world’s most advanced and widely used digital transformation frameworks and models.  An award-winning strategy consultant, world renowned thought-leader and in-demand public speaker on digital transformation and artificial intelligence – Niall has a 22-year track record of delivering game-changing strategies for public and private sector organisations across the globe.  He is a visiting Professor at Ulster University and lectures at the Møller Institute, University of Cambridge. He is also the writer and presenter of the world’s most watched YouTube channel on digital transformation.


Workshop 1 : Understand AI For Competitive Advantage

Day 1 – Date TBC for 2022 3 hours
  • Rapidly assess your performance in the digital economy against competitors and see how you’re performing 
  • Understand why AI is different to any technology that has come before and why it stands to have such a massive impact on business
  • Get inspired by case studies that will help make sense of the technology through the lens of business competitiveness 
  • Be able to answer the question “What are we transforming into?”

Workshop 2 : Make an AI and Understand Strategic Fit

Day 2 – Date TBC 6 hours
  • Build a machine learning model from scratch (no technical knowledge needed)
  • Share the model with teammates and understand the importance of data
  • Examine how AI will change your strategic thinking and planning processes
  • Look at other emerging technology and how they fit together to make better business products, services and business models

Workshop 3 : How To Build a Strategy That Leverages AI

Day 3 – Date TBC 5 hours
  •  Examine AI frameworks for strategic planning
  •  Use data-driven tools to help make your own plan
  •  Be able to clearly articulate what you are transforming into and why
  • Build a clear list of next steps.


Open to Private and commercial semi-state businesses.
Participants will be contacted to ascertain eligibility.

Please note

Workshop 1 is a prerequisite for Workshops 2 and 3.

Digital Transformation is a journey and completion of Workshop 1 will ascertain whether or not your business is ready to progress on the Digital Transformation journey.


If your company is looking at or currently on a Digital Transformation journey, we can help.

Perhaps your Digital Transformation teams would benefit from a short presentation to demystify the whole area of Digital Transformation.

Maybe your leaders/managers would benefit from a no obligation one to one consultation around Digital Transformation.

Alternatively, as companies return to the workplace, would you like to host a Lunch ‘n’ Learn / one hour inhouse webinar on Digital Transformation for the benefit of all your employees.

All the above options are fully funded so the only cost is your time.

Please email to understand more.