Half day event
TU Dublin (Blanchardstown Campus)
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No cybersecurity skills are required!


What is ‘Capture The Flag’ all about

Teams of 4 ‘greenhorns’ (non-cybersecurity specialists) from different companies competing to defend against cyber attacks in real time.

This session running continuously over three hours (with unlimited coffee!) will introduce complete beginners to cyber hacking. They will learn how to hack a website, break into servers and steal computer files.

Capture the Flag is a fun and safe environment to learn what hackers do and the tools they use. It will also demonstrate how vulnerable computer technology is and help participants to become more aware and skilled at securing and defending against attacks.

Participants will be formed into teams of 4 which are posed a series of problems that increase in difficulty. Teams attempt to earn the most points, but do not directly attack each other. Rather than a race, this style of game play encourages taking time to approach challenges and prioritise the quantity of correct submissions.


Who is this aimed at

The workshop is aimed at non-security technicians. A company may send their own team of 4 participants. If you have less than four then your participant(s) will be teamed up with participants from other companies.


Are there any pre-requisites

No cybersecurity skills are required

In fact we really do want ‘greenhorns’ with no prior cybersecurity skill, so anyone with basic computing knowledge (how to surf and search, etc) and who enjoys solving puzzles will be welcome.

All that is required is to bring your own laptop.

Please note that you must pre-register and pay in advance of attending.

The winners will be announced at the end of the event.


To book your place please email