9am to 5pm
Ibec Offices, Dublin
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Overview of AI Leadership Workshop

AI won’t replace business leaders, but business leaders who understand AI will replace those that don’t.

Artificial Intelligence is radically different to all other emerging technologies. It has the power to massively change how an organisation functions and competes. Its true value can only be unleashed when the leadership gives strong direction on how to leverage this opportunity.

Ionology, on behalf of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet, is delivering a 1-day executive level workshop for non-technical leaders to help them prepare for AI; develop the AI mindset, understand AI capabilities and commercial opportunities, and plan to embed AI using a practical framework. This course helps build confidence in the use of AI with simple AI experiments and real-world case studies.

To supplement the workshop and provide further learning material and guidance, Ionology will provide delegates with access to their E-learning platform, which contains over 4-hours of video tutorials on digital transformation and newly created content on Leadership in Artificial Intelligence.


*Grant aided fees are available to those working in private or commercial semi-state organisations in Republic of Ireland.