Skills@ScAle (S@S) provides ready-to-go skills pathways to allow business and technology leaders to build their analytical and AI capability.  The pathways are fully online.  Short and sharp delivery means it should take no longer than 20-30 hours to master a new skill.

There are a variety of pathways aimed at both a technical and non-technical audience.  Since its launch in 2021, this programme has gone from strength to strength with more pathways being added and existing pathways enhanced with further rich content.

Also the introduction of “Role Certifications”, for those wishing to become recognised as a certified Data Analyst or Data Scientist at the Associate or Professional level.

You can also prepare to pass the official PL-300 Data Analyst with Power BI exam. -Interactive learning path, co-created with Microsoft and DataCamp.

When combined with other programmes within the Technology ICT Skillnet portfolio, S@S represents a one-stop-shop for companies building a team and for people building a career in the whole area of AI and Analytics.

Why Skills@ScAle

Our programme provides a versatile approach for participants wishing to build targeted skills or to become certified as a recognised “role” expert in AI and Analytics.  See below for some of the reasons you might choose Skills@ScAIe:

  • S@S provides ready-made pathways for those wishing to understand the potential of AI and Analytics or to build capability in specific targeted areas. Each pathway offers
  • An integrated set of modules which build analytical capability step-by-step
  • The opportunity to grow new talent, or build on existing expertise
  • A design methodology allowing participants to gain skills and apply them immediately within the work environment
  • Short and sharp delivery, no more than 20-30 hours to master a new skill
  • Guided projects allowing participants to flex their new skills on real world problems
  • The opportunity to become “Role Certified” in areas such as Data Analysis by completing a purpose built pathway to assist participants achieve certification
  • Our purpose built certification pathway allows participants to undertake the certification process with confidence (a technical assessment, a coding challenge and a case study)
Who Should Consider Skills@ScAle

We believe the pathways will be widely applicable to a number of organisational roles but particularly attractive to the following:

  • Technology Leaders who wish to grasp the fundamentals of data literacy across machine learning, cloud, artificial intelligence, data engineering and cloud
  • ICT Professionals who wish to gain an understanding or data science, machine learning and analytics and then further their career by become role certified data scientists
  • Non-ICT Professionals who work in an industry which relies on analytics such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, or engineering, perhaps become a data analyst

The Skills@ScAIe framework is designed to assist those who wish to transition to AI and analytical roles in areas such as machine learning, probability and statistics or python programming.  It is also designed for those who wish to enter the analytics arena focusing on areas such as SQL, Data visualisation or Data Engineering.  Participants will be able to build skills in a specific discipline (data visualisation) or across disciplines (data visualisation with SQL and data engineering) or become role certified as an expert in Data Analysis.

Why a Career in AI and Data Analytics

There is increasing demand for AI and Data Analytics talent within key sectors such as Technology, Financial Services, Marketing, Manufacturing and Healthcare   (Source: LinkedIn Economic Graph, focus on AI Talent in Ireland)

There is a scarcity of human resources within areas associated with AI and Data Analytics, that is driving salaries and demand for expertise (Source: European enterprise survey on the use of technologies based on artificial intelligence)

The Irish economy will demand these skills now and in the future: “AI will play a major role in shaping global competitiveness .. granting early adopters significant societal, economic, and strategic advantages” (Source: AI for Good, A National AI Strategy for Ireland)


What can I expect within the Skills Pathways
  • Each level within a pathway consists of a series of courses targeting the development of specific skills, which we estimate will take 20 – 30 hours to complete
  • Each level within the pathway is broken into a number of modules, these offering lecturers followed by an immediate application of the topic just presented
  • When you complete a given level you can benchmark your new skills with an assessment which demonstrates your learnings and can identify areas you may which to strengthen
  • You have the option to “replay” specific areas that you wish to review to ensure your full understanding of a topic
  • Additionally, some pathways have guided projects which applies your new skills to a real-world problem, step-by-step
  • On completion of one level, you may then progress to the next level

Cost and Eligibility

This programme is part funded therefore candidates pay only €249*

Your fee gives you access to the entire Skills@ScAle platform where you can complete as many pathways as you wish up until your licence expires on the 31st of March 2023.

*This fee is only applicable to eligible candidates.  To be eligible you must be working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland.


How to apply

To apply, simply complete your application by clicking the “Book Now” button at the top of this page.

You will have the option to pay immediately via stripe or request an invoice to pay by EFT.

Please note, that access is only granted upon receipt of payment in full.  Registrations are processed weekly on a Friday.

*Only those working in private or commercial semi-state organisations registered in the Republic of Ireland are eligible to apply.*

Click Book Now Button to complete the application form and pay the fee

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