Python is an extremely popular programming language for ML engineers and data scientists. The fundamentals level introduces the main aspects of the language including “the Data Science Toolbox” with the advanced level addressing how to write efficient functions and code, clean and join data and undertake object orientated development


Python Programming


Learn the Python basics you need to start on your programming journey, including how to clean real-world data ready for analysis, use data visualization libraries, and even how to write your own Python functions. Through hands-on coding exercises you’ll then learn how to store, manipulate, and explore data using NumPy. Then it’s time to level-up as you learn how to visualize your data using Matplotlib, manipulate DataFrames and dictionaries using pandas, and write your own functions and list comprehension.

Pre-requisites: None


Extend your Python knowledge by understanding how to Join data with pandas, clean data in Python, write efficient Python code, write functions and then apply your skills by writing functions for Product Analysis

Pre-requisites: Completion of Python Programming Fundamentals