Provides an introduction to the aspects of the technology driving artificial intelligence.  The Data Literacy Fundamentals pathway is for those new to AI and analytics with an introduction to machine learning, data engineering, data visualisation and cloud computing all covered while the Data Literacy for Business Leaders will provide expert guidance on business adoption of analytics, machine learning and data science, the role of cloud technologies and how to communicate effectively with data. The pathways will arm business leaders with the confidence to discuss AI and analytics with their technology teams.


Data Literacy Fundamentals

There’s no prior knowledge or coding skills required. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to understand data, whether it’s a bar plot on the news or as a statistic shared during a work meeting. You’ll expand your knowledge of key data topics, including data science, machine learning, data visualization, and even data engineering and cloud computing. You’ll also learn about the many roles, technologies, and frameworks in data science. By the end of this pathway, you’ll have the skills you need to confidently interpret data and incorporate it into your daily life.

Pre-requisites: None

Data Literacy for Business Leaders

This track will help you sharpen your data skills and identify when data can be used to solve business challenges. You’ll learn indispensable data terminology, tools, and questions that you can ask to communicate more effectively with your team in the areas of AWS Cloud concepts, data science and machine learning. You’ll be introduced to the power of data, how to make informed decisions and then communicate those insights to support decision making.

Pre-requisites:  Completion of Data Literacy Fundamentals