Data Engineers design and build pipelines that transform data in a format for Data Scientists to use for model development. The fundamental level introduces the data engineering toolbox and provides an understanding of how to extract, transform and load (ETL) data.  It also gets to grips with Unix Bash and Shell scripting essential for task automation.


Data Engineering (Python)


Touches upon all things you need to know to streamline your data processing. This fundamentals pathway will give you enough context to start exploring the world of data engineering. It’s perfect for people who work at a company with several data sources and don’t have a clear idea of how to use all those data sources in a scalable way and understand the techniques required for data of extract, transform and load. It also introduces Bash and Shell scripting a vital skill for building analytics pipelines in the cloud, favoured by Linux users to work with data stored across multiple files.

Pre-requisites: Completion of Business Analysis with SQL (Fundamentals)