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October 1, 2018

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is delighted to be involved as a sponsor for the inaugural AI Awards in November, as they intend to fill important human resources gaps in the Irish ICT sector by providing opportunities for technical and engineering staff to develop a broad set of business, management and interpersonal tools and to enhance a selected number of advanced technical skills.

Click below to play the podcast to hear about:

  • Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet?
  • The importance of collaboration in offering courses and programmes
  • The exciting launch of the Masters in AI at the University of Limerick
  • Plans to launch a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from 2019
  • The CyberSecurity Skills Initiative coming up in October
  • Where to find out more on ICT Skillnet
  • ICT Skillnet’s sponsorship with the AI Awards



Learn more about the AI Awards in the short video:

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