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New Year, New Career?

Winter can be a bit grim! Especially if you don’t feel you’re in the right job or haven’t found your mojo career-wise just yet. But what if you could work…

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ICT Skillnet’s Upcoming Courses – 2023

A Very Happy New Year from everyone at ICT Skillnet! It’s been great to see so many of our students successfully finish courses this year. And 2022 has seen our…

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Quantum Computing – What Is It & How Do I Learn it?

Quantum Computing Pathways For Business Leaders A 2 session, 4 week online training programme. Starts 23rd January 2023. Quantum Computing Pathways For Technical Managers A 7 session, 14 week training…

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Information Technology Architecture – What Is It & What Courses Can I Do?

The ICT Skillnet course, IASA Foundation Course for All Business Technology Architects is a 5 day in-person training programme based in Dublin, starting 14th November 2022. It is suitable for…

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

In this article, we discover what it means for Irish Businesses to stay ahead of the curve and just how the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet can help with this.  …

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What Are Global Business Services (GBS)?

Often referred to as shared services, Global Business Services (GBS) has been growing in both size and importance in Ireland with over 200 companies employing over 40,000 people. Against this…

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Digital Transformation: Why the leadership challenge is so important

Digital Transformation: Why the leadership challenge is so important Dave Feenan Network Manager of Technology Ireland, ICT Skillnet True digital transformation requires informed leadership to inspire change. Few people in…

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Future in Tandem: How Irish Business Can Win in a Changing World

Introduction “The Future of Work” is a phrase that has been thrown around quite a lot in recent years. Employees, managers, and entrepreneurs are all wondering how the changing nature…

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2 Superpowers of Tech – Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

Interested in a career in tech, but don’t know where to start? The career possibilities in the tech arena are abundant but sometimes there can be so many avenues to…

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