AI stands to change almost every industry over the coming 5 years

Leaders, Managers, Decision Makers need to know how to navigate the Digital Transformation landscape

Digital Transformation is not a technology question- It is a leadership question



Digital Transformation Consultants Programme: 5 Days



This course is designed to help technologists or business professionals become senior trusted advisors to the C-Suite. The 5-Day programme covers the key frameworks, models and case studies to get started in digital transformation.

Further information is available on our brochure HERE


  • Business leaders, managers or decision-makers
  • Technologists that are seeking a more senior role
  • Career switchers wanting to become consultants
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to be transformation advisors

What is Needed:

The course is not technical, however understanding modern technology is helpful, not essential. 


Grant-aided fee: €2395*        Full cost without grant-aid: €2995
*Must be working in a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland.

Next Programme:

Dates: October 3rd to 7th.

Time: 8am – 3pm

Venue: Zoom

Applications Closed- Fully Booked

Company application-

If a company would like to send multiple employees-

  • Contact to advise the number and names of employees attending
  • Ask each employee to complete the booking form above. Each employee is to select “My Company” for the invoice and “Pay via EFT / Cheque”  under the payment section
  • We will confirm the approved names supplied by the organisation and issue a single receipt from our accounts department

Digital Transformation Webinars


Bespoke In-House Engagements


By working directly with the management teams of your organization, we will determine where you are, where you need to be, and how we can help you get there.

In 2021, over 100 organisations participated in our three-part mixed industry workshops. With our bespoke in-house engagements for 2022, we will instead work directly with the organisations and their teams to help them navigate their Digital Transformation journey.

We will facilitate a “Demystifying Digital Transformation” webinar to ensure everyone is on board with your transformation as part of our engagement.

Where are you now in the Digital economy? Using the world’s most advanced digital maturity assessment tool, we will be able to help you assess your current state. The process will take 60 seconds. The discussions it will produce will impact your business for many weeks after.

If you are a private or commercial semi-state organisation registered in the Republic of Ireland you can avail of programmes.

To express your interest please contact but please be advised we have very limited places.


Digital Transformation Videos

Our fantastic Digital Transformation Tuesdays Webinar series was hosted by Niall McKeown in May 2020.

The topics discussed are still relevant today and we invite you to view our playlist hosted on our YouTube channel.

1.  A Business Guide to Leveraging Data

2. How Digital Innovators Win

3. A Non Technical Guide on Preparing for AI

4. How to Win In The Digital Economy

5. A Non-Technical Guide to Building a Resilient Digital Business