What we do for companies

Our primary focus is on upskilling workers in employment by providing advanced technical and soft skills programmes. Many of our courses are delivered by Universities and Institutes of Technology and are part-time, and mainly online at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

We also provide a range of short courses in cutting edge and emerging technologies that are usually provided by expert private sector training organisations both face-to-face and online. These are often in subject areas that companies acting alone might find it hard to fund or find and can more easily and effectively offer as part of a collaborative process.

The network is actively engaged in research and development of new programmes to meet emerging skills needs in the tech space and has pioneered new initiatives in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Internet of Things, and Blockchain.

How we work

The network receives an annual grant from Skillnet Ireland which enables it to offer a wide range of courses to companies. These courses are contracted to education and training organisations based on a public tendering process and then offered to companies at a discounted rate.

Only enterprises operating in the private sector (including commercial State and Semi-state companies) can access our training programmes – they are not open to the general public nor to public sector organisations or voluntary bodies.  You can apply to join the network by clicking here.

The benefits of being part of Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet include;

  • The company becomes part of the wider network of ICT companies in Ireland
  • Training budgets go further because members get subsidised fees on all training courses
  • All our courses are provided by recognised professional training companies or accredited colleges
  • Learning new skills and gaining new knowledge increases confidence and competence  in the workplace
  • Keep up to date with everything in the changing technological landscape