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Kubernetes Masterclass with Ben Straub

We are delighted to announce that Ben Straub will be flying in from the US to run a 4-day Kubernetes masterclass starting 1st April. Ben is from Portland, Oregon and…

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Major Cybersecurity Breaches 2018

It’s every company’s worst nightmare….. Hackers break into your system and steal valuable information, lock down sensitive files or leak private data to the public. The truth is – no…

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Focus on Shared Services & Business Process Outsourcing

Over the past decade Ireland has become a centre of excellence for high end shared service centres (Global Business Services – GBS) the sector now employs 45,000 people. With more…

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Learn to Lead and Innovate

Whether you’re prosperous in your current career or looking to change track, it’s worth considering upskilling in the latest technologies and methodologies that are designed to turn you into a…

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