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Calling All Mentors – A Chance to Make a Real Difference & Improve Your Career!

  Have you ever considered mentoring? Sounds like a nice idea but is it worth the effort? The reality is mentoring offers a ton of benefits for both the Mentor…

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What Are Global Business Services (GBS)?

Often referred to as shared services, Global Business Services (GBS) has been growing in both size and importance in Ireland with over 200 companies employing over 40,000 people. Against this…

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Global Innovation in Fintech – 5 Top Innovations In Todays Market

“The Bankers of the future will be very different from the Bankers of today” Henri Arslanian   Like all industries, the finance world is moving at a rapid pace. With…

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Welcome to the Future – Is Blockchain a Good Career?

  Thinking about a career in Blockchain? It’s touted as being as revolutionary (if not more) than the internet. From transforming the very core of how businesses and governments operate……

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Employee Retention – What You Need to Know

We’re hearing a lot these days about ‘The Great Resignation’. The mass exodus of employees in search of ‘more’. In this post, we’re looking at ways that your company can…

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Careers in Tech – The Best Jobs in 2022?

A Career in tech can be fun, dynamic, and challenging. It constantly pushes you to learn and stay on your toes.   While this is scary for some – it…

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2022 Emerging Technologies

Whether you’re already well established within the tech world or looking to break into the industry, emerging technologies should be on your radar. As we all know by now tech…

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Top Skills to Know for a Career in AI

As a valued member of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet network, we’re thrilled to share with you an exciting new project called Skills@ScAle. This new initiative seeks to address the…

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Future in Tandem: How Irish Business Can Win in a Changing World

Introduction “The Future of Work” is a phrase that has been thrown around quite a lot in recent years. Employees, managers, and entrepreneurs are all wondering how the changing nature…

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A Guide to Digital Transformation

In today’s climate it has become more important than ever for businesses to grow and adapt to the digital world. Digital transformation has been a hot topic over the last…

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