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Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is a group of companies in the information and communications technology sector who collaborate to provide advanced training and development activities for technical and engineering staff in Irish ICT companies.

The network is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies.  Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

A “SKILLNET” is a training network made up of a group of private sector companies that come together to carry out cross-organisational training related activities. The aim is to provide high quality training at reduced rates thus bringing affordable “SKILL”s to the “NET” work of companies.

Skillnet Ireland is the funding agency that acquires government funding for this training. Skillnet Ireland distribute this funding across all sectors and regions through the 60+ training networks that exist across Ireland. One of these training networks is the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet.

  • Established in 2005 the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet is the largest network serving this sector and to date has trained in excess of 3,000 staff ensuring that Irish ICT companies remain competitive and are at the leading edge when it comes to technology relative to their business.
  • Each year Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet has access to over €1.5m in funding. This funding is used to develop, design and/or deliver training that is required by our members with the aim of closing the skills gap that exists in the ICT Sector.
  • Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet intends to fill important human resources gaps in the Irish ICT sector by providing opportunities for technical and engineering staff to develop a broad set of business, management and interpersonal tools and to enhance a selected number of advanced technical skills.

Technology Ireland is the promoting organisation of Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and is an Association within Ibec, which represents the ICT, Digital and Software Technology Sector. The Association is a pro-active membership organisation with over 200 member companies located throughout Ireland.

Technology Ireland is the largest and most influential business organisation representing Ireland’s tech sector. With origins dating back to 1968, the association was formed in 2017 by the merger of ICT Ireland and the Irish Software Association.

This comprises a number of IT professionals currently working in ICT companies that are members of the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet. They oversee and direct the training network and are actively involved in the creation of new and innovative training programmes to service the ICT sector.



Damian Hilliard Hertz Director, International Compensation & Benefits



Aidan Lawrence Hewlett-Packard Learning and Organisation Development Director
Carmel Somers IBM Senior Manager, Talent Development
Tony Devlin Tony Devlin Technical Advisor
Ger O’Byrne Iricent Ltd Managing Director
Judy Nix LM Ericsson Service Delivery Manager
Paul Sweetman Technology Ireland Director
Tadhg O’Shea Fidelity Investments Vice President of Software Engineering
Tom Long Cisco Head of Technical Strategy
Willie McDonnell Intel Training Manager
Stephen Howell Microsoft Academic Program Manager
David Kendellen Liberty IT Hosting Manager