Sales is a crucial role in any business, and the modern salesperson is a much sought-after talent. That’s because recent years have seen a global sales skills shortage.  According to research carried out this year by ManpowerGroup seven in ten employers are reporting difficulties hiring skilled workers in high-demand areas such as Sales.

For today’s digital world, employers demand a complex skillset from their salespeople because better-informed, more professional buyers have far higher expectations of their vendors than ever before.

Set yourself up for success and take the first step towards your dream career in sales with the help of our Level 8 Diploma in Inside Sales.  Check it out below and start building your sales skills!

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With a radically changed post-pandemic consumer landscape, it’s imperative for organisations and individuals to build on their CX competencies and capabilities. This series is for those seeking to pump new energy into an existing or new CX programme.

Diploma in Inside Sales (Digital Sales)


The Inside Sales Programme aims to build the status of those in this role by providing high-end training with third level accreditation.